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4 Vol. Encyclopedia of Health & Education for the Family
3 Vol. Encyclopedia of Foods & Their Healing Powers
2 Vol. Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants

The principles in this book will
add years to your life & zest to your years.  With the
counsels & orientation
found in this book, you will be able to increase your energy,
eliminate aches & pains, reverse type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, slow down the aging process and live better!  252 pages, Softcover
A complete guide on stress, this book discusses the different aspects, phases and causes of stress and most importantly:how to face and prevent stress in order to enjoy life in all its fullness. 189pages Hardcover
A one volume summary of the Encyclopedia of Foods & Their Healing Powers.  It analyzes more than 300 foods that are good for different organs of the body as well as the best way to prepare and use them.  Hardcover 394 pages
Healthy and scrumptious
vegetarian recipes that will get kids excited about learning to prepare and enjoy heart healthy, nutritious, delicious foods.  They will love the delightful names, looks and tastes of each creative dish.   94 pages softcover
Spiral bound
*More than 400 diseases with their
natural and/or surgical treatments.  *The most complete studies on
Sexuality, Gynecology and the Art of Mothering.  Numerous counsels on educational topics for children, parents and grandparents. 
*Practical orientation from physicians, psychologists and educators that will help you maintain and improve all the dimensions of your health and education.  1,539 pages in 4 volumes,
Hardcover.  $327.00
This modern set of encyclopedias presents the latest research on food science, nutrition and dietetics.  This  set consists of  almost 700 foods from 5 continents described and around 300 recipes, the information is based on the latest research at the main universities and research centers of Europe, America and other continents.  1,278 pages in 3 volumes, Hardcover $293.00.
This 2 volumes set consists of over 470  plants that are botanicall described and classified by diseases.  Numerous natural treatments are explained  with clear illustrations and simple language.  Numerous charts that describe the most frequent disorders and the plants that possess the active principles to correct them.  795 pages in 2 volumes, Hardcover
This is an excerpt of the Encyclopedia of Foods & Their Healings Powers.  It presents the nutritional value of foods that benefits different parts of the body such as the eyes, heart, nerves, stomach, liver and much more. 96 pages, Softcover
This is an excerpt of the Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants.  It teaches how to prepare formentations
and teas and use the plants that benefit the nerves,  intersines,  arteries, throat, veins and much more.      96 pages, Softcover
This one volume analyses
today's adolescent world and gives counsel for adolescents and their parents on subjects such
as sexuality, studying, drugs, ethical and moral values and many other aspects of issues facing this age group.  It  provides help in order for the adolescents to successfully develop their personality, feelings and relationships.  191 pages,
A complete guide to help you educate your child.  Portrays how to have suitable communication at home and how to prepare your child to suceed in life.  It offers tips on how to develop your child's character and self-esteem, how to discipline your child and  much more.  191 pages, Hardcover
This Cookbook consists   
of healthy recipes to lose
weight, lower cholesterol,    reverse diabetes & enjoy  delicious nutritious food at 
the same time!  It consists
of more than 200 recipes   efficiency tips, menus for    beginners, lists, tips and  glossary to make
shopping easy.  It sounds
too good to be true, but it
is possible for food to        improve your health and      taste fantastic!  124 pages  softcover, Spiral bound

This cook book gives delicious, mouth-watering recipes for  breakfast and brunches, hearty soups and salads,  simple and tasty main dishes, delicious ideas for entertaining and guilt free desserts (such as the Blueberry Cheesecake above). This is the official CHIP Cookbook (Coronary
Health Improvement Project), which is a successful lifestyle-intervention program.  More than 40,000 people have enjoyed the results of attending this world-class program:  lower blood pressure, fewer pounds, lower cholesterol and blood sugar, less angina pain and fewer
medications.  How did they do it?  They used the same program that we at Focus on Natural Health Education & Community Development Inc. uses.  They simplified their lifestyle, especially their rich Western diet.  Inside of this cookbook are some of the recipes they used that made all of the difference.  It will help you reduce your dependence on refined foods, such as potato chips and fast foods.  
Nutloaf with Gravy
This loaf can be used on special occasions as Thanksgiving or Christmas
in the place of a turkey.  It can be  prepared in 20 minutes!
A vegan diet-cooking without milk, eggs, or meat, but with no lack of protein-has many health benefits.  Health is your greatest treausre, preserve it with the aid of these 200 nutritious, low-fat recipes.  Unlock the secrets of tofu.  Bake pizza without a cow.  Banish cholesterol and avoid calcium robbers.  Try something new this year.  Your family will thank you!  $24.99
< This colorful page is from  
  the  Encyclopedia of Health
  & Education for the Family
  portraying exercises to fight 
  menustral pains.

Tropical Cheesecake
sweetned with pineapple juice and raw honey, everyone including, diabetic patients can eat and enjoy!
It can be prepared in 25 minutes.
This colorful page is from The Encyclopedia
of Medicinal Plants portraying plants
for the Male Sexual Organs.------->
This colorful page is from The Encyclopedia
of Medicinal Plants portraying plants for
Infectious Diseases.------------------------------>
This colorful page is from The Encyclopedia of Foods and
Their Healing Power portraying Foods for the Heart----------->