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Chewing tobacco, snuff or cigarettes (smoking tobacco) can lead to mouth, esophagus, larnyx,  brain and lung cancer!
Buerger's disease, which is characterized by the
clogging and inflammation of the capillaries cuts off the blood supply and can result in gangrene of the toes and fingers.
Even if tobacco doesn't kill you outright, some of the nonlethal effects are just as bad.  It weakens the bones
and is a risk factor for back pain; it causes premature menopause and impotence; it accelerates skin wrinkling, loss of vision, hair graying and decreased physical capacity.  A heart attack or stroke can leave you disabled!  Cancer treatment can be disfiguring and very painful!

                       You don't have to fight the battle all alone, help is here!                                                       Yours for the asking!
Alcohol destroys the liver.  Nearly 25,000 Americans
die each year from alcohol-induced liver disease.
Alcohol reduces mental performance.  It decreases judgement, foresight, and moral reasoning, and lessen abstract thinking ability.
Man dying of prolong use of tobacco, not
only is he suffering, but his loved ones are
suffering as well!  Smoking and alcohol                affects everyone, including the innocent!

        Cirrhosis of the Liver
Some of the classic withdrawal symptoms are: nicotine craving, rapid mood swings, increased smoker's cough as the lungs cleans
themselves, irritability, anxiety, tremors, headaches, restlessness,
anger or frustration, dizziness, sleep deprivation and nausea. The
worst of the withdrawal symptoms are usually over within the first 24-72 hours, and all physical symptoms should be completely gone at the end of four (4) weeks.
Tobacco and/ or Alcohol Cessation Classes call for information @ 601)278-1868
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Lip Cancer from dipping snuff
(smokeless tobacco)