January 20, 2011 Annual Health Awareness Day at the Jackson Mall, Jackson Mississippi

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CCMA-Deborah Gant explaining to participants  how  fruits & vegetables benefits the body in combating various diseases.
January 24, 2011 Diabetes Awarness Day at Walmart on Hwy. 18 Jackson, Mississippi
January 25, 2011 Diabetes Awareness Day at Walmart in Clinton, Mississippi
January 26, 2011 Diabetes Awareness Day at Walmart in Hazlehurst, Mississippi
"FREE" Health Seminars at Antioch Baptist Church in Hazlehurst, Mississippi.  The 3 day Seminars consisted
"Preventing and Reversing" High Blood Pressure, Heart DiseaseDiabetes and  Obesity.  "Free" Blood Glucose
Screening and Blood Pressure Screening was administered!
"FREE" Health Seminars consisted of Smoking Cessation, Preventing & Reversing Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure.  Also Free Blood Pressure Screening and Glucose Screening were administered to residences at the Federation Towers Assistance Living Apartment in Clinton, Mississippi.
Diabetes Awareness Day in Central Mississippi
Participants partook of "free" samples of cut steel oats (meal),  5 grains cereal, 10 grains cereal and low-sodium salt alternative (liquid aminos)!
Americore Volunteer,  Markeita Bracey explains to 
participants the services that Focus on Natural        Health Education renders to the community.